LT-Indonesia Conducted Event with theme “A Revolution in Openness”

Lintas Teknologi Indonesia invited XL Axiata to Juniper Networks Workshop entitled “A Revolution in Openness” at Ritz Carlton Hotel. Juniper has partnered with many of our largest global SP customers to co-develop strategic planning and quantify the various scenarios required to optimize and solve today’s Service Providers challenges. Supported by a global and local APAC team, Juniper has leveraged it’s experience to produce programs that identify the design, financial, and end to end support requirements for a successful Service Providers transformation.

PT XL Axiata has a unique advantage in this type of transformative effort in that much of the platform in place today is immediately adaptive to the requirements for a successful transformation. Juniper Networks APAC and Corporate strategic team along with PT. Lintas Teknologi Indonesia in Jakarta meet for a joint seminar with PT XL Axiata executives and managers of the Technology, Service Creation, and Marketing teams.